The City of Mutare has banned the use of farm bricks in compliance to the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) prohibiting the use of farm bricks in the construction of all approved buildings such as residential, commercial, industrial, institutional buildings and dura wall.

Residents and stakeholders will be given the grace period before the ban comes into effect.

The Local Authority passed the resolution during the full council meeting.

The types of buildings to be used for the construction of approved buildings shall be indicated on all building plans submitted for approval and a condition to that effect shall be included on the plan approval permits.

in vieiw of the global warming phenomenon, and taking the leaf from the Cyclone Idai effects which hit Manicaland, Council also noted the deterioration of construction standards and durability particularly residential buildings.

EMA also cited several negative environmental effects. It was noticed that people who mould farm bricks use a lot of firewood, hence the immense effects on deforestation and disappearance of natural habitants in urban and rural environments


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