Council is proud to announce to its residents, ratepayers and all other stakeholders that Construction of Hobhouse Primary School is now at 86 percent complete. Two classrooms and one toilet block has been completed.

Council is confident that the school will open its door this first term.

Authority to establish the school has been granted and we are now awaiting the authority to open the school from the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education. Already five teachers have been provided by the Ministry of Education.

The Mayor for the City of Mutare revealed that the local authority has since applied for satellite school status with Murahwa Primary School selected to incubate the school.

“We are working with the Ministry of Education to ensure that we complete the outstanding work.

 We anticipate that the school will start enrolling one ECD and two Grade 1 classes for 2019, noted His Worship B. Tandi.

 The Mayor applauded Mutare residents and ratepayers for contributing to the $1,00 per month education levy.

 “There has been a lot of questions with regards to the use of the Education Levy. I am glad that the results are clear and positive to all, we shall spread our scope of building new schools to service other suburbs with schools deficit,” noted Mayor Tandi.

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