NOTICE is hereby given that a grand clean up campaign will be carried out in all nineteen (19) wards on 05 December 2018. 

The clean up is being spearheded by various organisations including City of Mutare, Environmental Management Agency (EMA) and Office of the Minister of State for Provincial Affairs (Manicaland Province).

The Minister of State will launch the provincial clean up campaign at Meikles Park in Mutare and the programme will be rolled out in all the seven administrative districts in the province.

We urge all residents in their respective surburbs to rally behind the clean up campaign and participate fully.  Let us start to clean our City right from household level. United, Together we shall Make Mutare City Great Once Again.

For detailed information on the grand clean up campaign, contact the offices of the below-mentioned:


City of Mutare: 020-64412                                                                                                                                                                                        Environmental Management Agency (EMA): 020-62509




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Mutare City Council is a Local Government Authority which draws its mandate from the Urban Councils Act [Chapter 29:15]. Our mandate is elaborated in our mission statement.

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