NOTICE is hereby given to all residents and ratepayers who are living in Council rented houses in Sakubva to immediately come to the Housing and Community Services Department for lease renewal.

Council is carrying out an audit process and renewal of the lease agreement is the first step that the local authority has taken to sanitize the situation obtaining in Council rented accommodation.

All residents who stay in Sakubva Council rented houses should also come and make payment that should be followed religiously to avoid punitive measures of eviction.

Council is further advising all lessees of its rented accommodation to come to the Housing and Community Services Department to renew their Council house leases and they should come with the following documents:

⦁    National ID Card
⦁    Particulars of the house/room being rented
⦁    Current Council statement for the house/room

Failure to pay current Council bills and to stick to the payment plan will result in Council taking punitive measures.

All residents who live in Council rented houses should immediately regularize their paper on or before the 31st of July 2018 failure of which will result in the tenants being evicted from Council property.

Furthermore, failure come to renew the lease by the tenant/lessee on or before 31st of July 2018 will result in the lease agreement being revoked/cancelled and pave way for new tenants.

For more information visit our Housing and Community Services Department, Number 16 Chimanimani Road, Mutare or phone on (020) 60823.


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