City of Mutare is calling upon all owners and occupants of buildings in the central district to repair and refurbish their buildings before end of the month.

The move is aimed at improving the aesthetics of the city since some of the buildings have gone for years without being attended to.

in a public notice city of mutare called upon all owners and occupants of buildings in the central business district to give a face-lift and spruce up the structures.

the new measures are in line with the vision of the minister of state for provincial affairs Dr Ellen Gwaradzimba and is in line with the local authority's vision.

The corrective action should be taken not later than end of the month, failure of which council will proceed to take legal action in line with the provision of the regional, town and country planning act, chapter 29: 12, section 35(1)(b).

all owners and occupants of buildings are called upon to adhere to the regulatory frame work.

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Mutare City Council is a Local Government Authority which draws its mandate from the Urban Councils Act [Chapter 29:15]. Our mandate is elaborated in our mission statement.

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